Reunion weekend stunning success

23 Feb 2021

On again, off again – Christ’s College’s reunion weekend was a hit last weekend, glorious weather adding to a heady mix of memories and old friendships rekindled.

Covid’s changing alert levels made proceedings doubtful earlier in the week, but thankfully by Friday nearly 200 Old Boys were on hand to celebrate their time at College, 20, 30, 40, 41, 50, 60, 70 and 80 years on from when they studied in classrooms, played on Upper and worshipped in Chapel.

Events began with a cocktail party in the Dining Hall, the noise and laughter reflecting the great atmosphere which prevailed throughout the following two days. On Saturday the same venue was the scene of a lunch, and that night seven different venues across the city were gathering places for reunion dinners.

Executive Principal Garth Wynne, CCOBA President Richard Polson and Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer managed to drop in on many throughout the evening, to thank the Year Group organisers for all their hard work to ensure that as many people as possible could enjoy the celebrations.

The CCOBA will follow up the weekend with a survey seeking feedback from participants so that the next reunion will be even more tailored to suit their interests and requirements.

“We really would appreciate responses,” says Lizzie Dyer.

“The Old Boys are a vibrant group and we want to be sure that future reunions are as good, if not better.”

The only downside to the weekend was the absence of Auckland-based and international members of the College community who were precluded from coming because of Covid level disruptions.