On a wing and a prayer

16 May 2024

They say birds of a feather flock together.

Well, a group of Old Boys is taking it to a whole new level – as owners in a Young Bird pigeon syndicate.

It was the brainchild of the colourful Tim Black (10816) who started the syndicate in February this year. Will Murray (10609) Jonny Hazlett (9182), George Hazlett, (13261), Hugh Sutherland (15025), Archie Hayman (14962), and Charlie Dyer (14562) are among the 50 or so owners while Ian Hayman (10445) and Guy Martin (10600) have sponsored some of the weekly races.

Housed in a loft at Fairview just out of Timaru, the birds have a range of dubious names such as Stinky Fish Bait, Sex Wizard, Sky Rat, Burmese Python, Itchy Pecker, Badjelly, Goose Springsteen, Maverick and others.

Goose Springsteen was a triumph, notching a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd throughout the series and was 2nd equal in the overall aggregate points while Itchy Pecker won the race from Christchurch.

Trainer Gary King will now choose which birds he wants to take on to next year’s Old Pigeons series while others will be used for breeding.

“I can’t believe how popular it’s been. I put the feelers out a few months ago and was swamped with interest. It was so popular, I wish I’d had 1000 birds.”

If you’re interested in being part of next year’s syndicate, give Tim a call on +64 27 9559 141.