Leigh Hart (10284)

29 Apr 2020

Studios and technical staff are a thing of the past for now, as Leigh Hart settles into the living room at home for his latest project – Leigh Hart’s Big Isolation Lockdown.

The well-known comedian and television producer says Covid-19 was responsible for its creation.

“I’m having to film the structure of a new show while under lockdown conditions, using only my family as crew and with basic equipment. To get the job done, I’m having to step up and do tasks within my company that I hadn’t done for many years. Having to get footage to an editor in a separate bubble and conduct interviews online can be challenging,” he says.

“I approached TVNZ with the idea of making a show that reflected what we are all going through – and they liked it. You have to see opportunities sometimes where others might just see issues or problems. I think in a strange kind of way we will emerge stronger than when we went in.”