Jono Blyth – banking on strong relationships at heart of success

03 Sep 2021

Today, Jono is a Senior Relationship Manager for Heartland Bank (HBL), managing larger business and commercial relationships in Christchurch.

In tandem with still indulging his passion for skiing, Jono has built up his banking career at Heartland over the past eight years after working for trading banks and finance companies in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

“HBL is a small, New Zealand-owned bank which specialises in certain sectors of the financial markets,” he says. “What sets my role apart from others is our product offerings and relationship management. In the markets we operate in, we strive to offer the best products for our customers. We are not a traditional bank, and have a specific appetite for the types of transactions we support and fund.”

After a post-College diversion to the mountains, Jono undertook a Commerce degree at the University of Canterbury, majoring in management and accounting.

“I didn’t study Accounting or Economics at school and only thought to study Commerce a couple of years after leaving school,” he recalls. “In my last year of school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. My parents encouraged me to take a year off – which turned into two – to travel and follow my passion of skiing and snowboarding.

“This became my life for the next two years – following winter between North America and New Zealand – before returning to Christchurch to study.”

A member of Julius House from 1996–2000, Jono believes College “is a great schooling experience, which I think is appreciated more once you leave”.

“It provided a good structured environment, which has served me well to this day, and certainly teaches boys to be the best they can be,” he says.

Recognising the need to “give back”, Jono became a member of the Christ’s College Old Boys’ Association (CCOBA) Committee in February 2020.

“I had attended a couple of the CCOBA Long Lunches and it was great to reconnect with the College community, so when the committee opportunity arose, I wanted to join,” he says. “As I now also have a son who I would love to see go through College, I want to be involved.

“It is important to be able to give back with the experience you have gained in the world to ensure the traditions remain for the next generations. By giving back to the community and College, it allows the next generation to access the knowledge and experience of the boys who have gone before them. If an Old Boy can help a current student in any way – they should.”

Outside of work and his CCOBA role, Jono and his wife, Sarah, an investment adviser at Forsyth Barr, are busy with their children, Henry, nine, and Scarlett, seven. Fortunately for Jono, all are skiing enthusiasts who regularly venture up the mountains.