Auckland branch in good heart

26 Nov 2020

The Auckland Branch of the CCOBA recently had its AGM and Long Lunch at the Corner Bar at Remuera.

We had 19 attendees, including Lizzie Dyer representing Christchurch. Some 20 apologies were made, many of whom were in Christchurch for Cup Weekend.

The Branch had not met for some time formally so we had a small amount of business to attend to.

Our previous Chairman Nick Wells has resigned from his role; his resignation was accepted and we expressed our appreciation to him. Michael Greenslade was elected as his replacement.

A committee was elected largely from absentee members. The luncheon was hearty. Members were addressed by Lizzie Dyer from the Old Boys' Association, which is in good heart, and Michael gave a short reading from the Tom Scott book “Searching for Charlie – In pursuit of the real Charles Upham VC & Bar."

That was followed by an amusing anecdote or two from Kim Campbell on his recent television interview with Sir Bob Jones and an update on the state of NZ Rugby from Tabai Matson. John and Olga Hawkes charmed the group and managed to update us of their individual book and article writing prowess.

As you will understand, at a Long Lunch all rules of formality disappear and the round table chatting continued well after the 2pm designated close of play! The lunch was deemed a great success.

Particular thanks to Ross Gunn for coming through from Tauranga where he is temporarily based.

We are all looking forward to an increasingly active Auckland Branch.

Michael Greenslade (8748)
Chairman Auckland Branch – CCOBA