Angus strikes the right note on CCOBA

16 May 2024

Angus Mossman (14724) and music are never far apart, even though he’s now embarking on a career in law at Mortlock McCormack Law in Christchurch.

A recent Old Boy (2014–18) and new recruit to the CCOBA committee, Angus made his mark at Christ’s College in indie rock band Run77 together with Robert Rolleston, George and Angus Murray, and Henry Phelps. They made the national final of the Smokefree Rockquest in 2017 and even recorded their own album, practising at College at 7am every day before school.

“When we left school, Run77 remained in Christchurch and we got involved with the university scene and played lots of shows.”

These days, Angus plays guitar for a band called “Lunar Intruder” who have just completed a New Zealand tour.

“What I love about music is that feeling you have when listening to a song that can take you back to an exact moment in your life. It may take you back to when you were in a different relationship, in a different occupation, living in a different house etc.

“Similarly, the songs we listen to now will pinpoint a moment in life that we can reflect on later. Discovering new music that you really enjoy is also another one of those great feelings. Live gigs are great as well! I reckon I’ve been to around 15 gigs year and it’s only May.”

Studying law was a last minute decision for Angus, switching the day before uni started.

“I started out with the idea of studying communications and, perhaps that way I could work in the entertainment industry from that perspective. That was the plan – but I thought at the last minute that law would be worth a crack – and I’m glad I made that decision.”

Throughout university, Angus had a part-time job at College as a band tutor for the contemporary music programme.

“I loved this job and think the band scene at College is doing some great things. I’m still on the College grounds every now and then to help when I can. I am genuinely impressed with the standard of the songwriting ability at College and I look forward to what the boys have instore for this year’s Smokefree Rockquest.”

Once admitted to practice the law, Angus looks forward to combining his love of music with his chosen career and becoming an entertainment lawyer.

“My medium-term ambitions are to practise entertainment and commercial law in Christchurch for the next few years and then head over to Australia and work over there.”

In his new role on the CCOBA committee, Angus is keen to represent Young Old Boys and to encourage more to come along to events.