Andrew Henderson (9710)

28 Apr 2020

One person who is relishing lockdown’s "home detention" is Detective Andrew “Blue” Henderson.

From his bubble at his home in Governor’s Bay, he says he has adjusted very easily and work life has become “a lot quieter” since Covid-19 arrived – a good thing because the family took possession of a new Labrador puppy on the eve of lockdown and has had its hands full coping with the bundle of energy.

“It’s been pretty exciting having this new addition to the family – and a good diversion.”

Able to work from home most of the time, Andrew goes into work to attend to things he must, but says the time is passing quickly.

“We’re fortunate in where we live. I’ve had a lot more exercise than usual, a couple of walks and a run at least once a day, and I’m getting those jobs done in the garden that have been waiting for years.”

He is missing social interaction, but says the family time has been great.

“We’ve shared cooking duties and that’s been fun. We’ve all been through some pretty strange times in Canterbury in the last decade, but we’re a resilient lot.”