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CCOBA has an extensive network of branches throughout the world, some more active than others.

To update your details or be put in touch with your local branch please contact us.

North Island

Auckland: Luke Balmforth (11997)
   Colin Fife (12028)
Bay of Plenty: Russell Garland (7418)
East Coast:

Hamish Williams  (7913)

Michael Allen (10663)

Hawkes Bay: Philip Pinckney (10494)
Wairarapa: Alex Beijen (10234)

Peter Couchman (9014)

South Island

Nelson: Bill Unwin (5387)
Marlborough: Nigel Taylor (7235)
South Canterbury: Jeremy Sutherland (9243)


London: Fletcher Bowley (12003)
Victoria: David Williamson (9533)
New South Wales: Chris Hughes (9840)

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