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Spirituality and Virtues

Throughout its long and rich history, Christ's College has maintained its foundation in Christian values, expecting boys to live lives underpinned by honesty, respect, spirituality, justice, compassion and stewardship.

These are timeless values which, once learned, will serve each boy well throughout his life. Our chaplain guides the spiritual life of the school, following the broad ethos of Anglicanism, whilst recognising the multi-denominational community in which we live. College welcomes boys of all religions and cultures.

At the heart of the school stands the Chapel. All boys attend Chapel services on Monday and Friday mornings, congregational singing practice on Wednesdays, and at least two Sunday services each term. Parents and families are warmly welcomed at Sunday services.

Boys are invited to be baptised if they wish, and a confirmation course is offered to Year 12 and 13 students.

In religious education classes, boys have the opportunity to learn about the great religions of the world, and to reflect on their on own beliefs. Knowing about religion, philosophy and ethics is not only valuable to finding meaning in life, but is also essential for a broad education and provides a foundation for other subjects, from art to English to history.

We aim to help the boys develop a mature understanding of social and cultural differences and to meet the challenges of good citizenship.

Chapel Services


Sunday 14 February
Sunday 28 February
Sunday 14 March
Sunday 28 March


Sunday 9 May
Sunday 23 May
Sunday 20 June
Sunday 4 July


Sunday 1 August
Sunday 15 August
Sunday 5 September
Sunday 19 September


Sunday 31 October – (compulsory for Year 11, 12, 13)
Sunday 28 November – Advent service (compulsory for Year 9 & 10)

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