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Senior CSS waterpolo final

13 Feb 2017

24 Mar 2016

In what became the game of the season for us, the College Team went into the final as number 1 seed after having to beat STAC last week by more than 18 goals {we got 24}. In doing so they eliminated a very good CBHS team and we played Burnside HS tonight at Rangi Ruru's Pool.

In an extremely hard fought match that sometimes resembled wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts in water. College played very good structure for the first half of the game and were leading at the half. In the third quarter Burnside capitalised on our uncharaceristic errors and shot ahead by two goals.

Conditions for the game were less than ideal, being played in an outside pool very similiar to our own {complete with a shallow end} and in fading daylight at 740pm we struggled to regain the lead against a Yr13 team peppered with NZ and Canterbury reps, to lose 10-9.

Stand out players tonight & all season included Ethan Clements, Fong Fu, Hunter Wilson, Marshall Stark and Max & Louis Clark. With a supporting cast of Keegan Chin and three Year 9 boys, Tom Tothill, Gus Morrow, & Jared Herber.

Neil Nicholson
College Waterpolo

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