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Making a Difference

Whether it be the Annual Appeal, bequests, specific donations, scholarship support, sponsorship, parent student support or major campaigns, giving and gifts touch every student, every staff member, and every corner of College.

Gifts at all levels can make this possible, and as we look to the year ahead, we enter “a New Era” that will ask us to broaden and expand our horizons to allow a greater sharing of the opportunities that will allow the school to do what it must for the future. The exciting projects that lie ahead seek to wrap innovation and excellence around the wonderful tradition that has made the school such an iconic and well known boys school.

Increasingly, learning institutions around the world are embracing philanthropy to a greater degree. Authentic partnerships contribute to meeting new challenges in a way that proudly delivers state of the art facilities, stimulating innovative curriculum choices, and most importantly learning and leadership opportunities. We aim to prepare students fully equipped for the modern world, curious, passionate, and inspired.

As Christ’s College moves into “this new era” we sincerely thank you in advance for your participation in “Making a Difference”.

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