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How bequests make a difference

From its inception, Christ’s College has attracted support from a caring and generous community. In 1851 Maria Somes became College’s first benefactress, and her inspiration and vision lives on today. We are fortunate, as College strives to provide the very best educational opportunities, that a consistent history of philanthropic support has helped shape our vibrant culture and environment.

"The critical responsibility for the generation you are in is to help provide the shoulders, the direction and support for those generations who come behind."

Gloria Dean Randle Scott
American educator and first African‑American to head the Girl Scouts of the USA
Born April 14,1938

The enduring value of education

There can be no more enduring benefit to an individual than education. That is why Christ’s College was founded and why, no doubt, you are considering making provision for College in your will. Thank you. Christ’s College would simply not exist without such generosity.

Bene tradita, bene servanda – "good traditions, well maintained"

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