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James Oswald Norris (5438), aged 88

04 Feb 2020

James Oswald Norris was the son of John Bellamy Norris (2947) and brother of JA Norris (5785) and, after attending Fendalton Primary School and Medbury School, was in Julius House from 1945–49.

After leaving College, James joined the Bank of New South Wales in Christchurch. His career took him to Gisborne, back to Christchurch, then to Ranfurly, Westport and Dunedin. He then became manager of the Edendale branch, then Papanui. It was during this time that the Bank of New South Wales merged with another bank to become Westpac, and James was appointed manager of the Hastings branch, from where he retired in 1987. James was a member of the Lions Club in several areas in which he lived. He was a practical man and very much enjoyed building his first retirement home in Whangaparaoa, Auckland.

Although he enjoyed life in the far north, he succumbed to a strong urge to move back to the South Island to be closer to family – first in Christchurch, then Alexandra, Ashburton, and finally back to Christchurch. It was while James was living in Alexandra in 1999 that he was diagnosed with a rare muscle wasting condition, which affected his legs and meant he eventually needed to use a wheelchair. This did not stop him travelling overseas several times.

James died in Christchurch on Tuesday 4 February 2020. He is survived by his wife Jenny, son Richard (9360), and daughter Alexandra.

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