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Christopher John Hindmarsh (1041), aged 82

24 May 2021

Christopher attended Christ’s College from 1952–1956, travelling down from the east coast of the North Island. The trip took over 2 days and was quite an adventure, with a number of other boys being picked up along the way.

Relinquishing any claim to the family farm in Hawkes Bay, Christopher boarded a cargo ship and ended up in Brazil in 1964, where he worked initially for the British meat works company Anglo.

Following the return of his son Mark and daughter Nicola (and briefly Brigid) to Brazil in the early 2000s he made his way back to Brazil, a very different country to the one he had left twenty years earlier. He accompanied his children in their endeavours in Sao Paulo, always enthusiastic and supportive, and looking for the next adventure.

An ever present attendee at various school reunions, he held very fond memories of his time at Christ’s College, or even more so Flower’s House, and kept regular contact with friends from that time. He was adamant his son would also attend College, even though they lived in Keri Keri, Bay of Islands. 

Retiring to Alagoas, Brazil, he managed a coastal coconut plantation for over ten years where he became affectionately known as the Maharaja of Alagoas. His charm, quick wit and total commitment to all things traditional made him distinctly unique.

His stoic resistance to an ever-changing world will be remembered and missed by many. He died on the 20 April 2021, in Coruripe, Alagoas, at the age of 82.

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