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Andrew Carrington Yates (6479), aged 80

30 Jun 2020

Andrew Carrington Yates was the brother of Warwick Yates (5816) and Scott Yates (6104).  From Christchurch, he was in Jacobs House and Condell’s House from 1955-57.

In spite of suffering from colitis during his years at College, and ongoing health issues throughout much of his life, Andrew always remained positive.  He often said there were many others worse off than him, and he maintained his sense of humour to the end.

After leaving College, as part of his post-operative recovery and thanks, he did a year of voluntary service on a remote outer Fijian island. Andrew farmed in Hawarden, then went cropping in Methven.  He subsequently developed Pudding Hill with an airstrip and accommodation for skiers, principally to attract skiers from the North Island.  He was a fixed wing and glider pilot, who achieved a notable landing in Barrington St Park in the 1960s, after having run out of wind, landing among those playing in the park.

Andrew died in Ashburton on 22 May 2020 after a long period of ill health.  He is survived by Cheryl, and three sons and a daughter. 

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