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Michael Muschamp (5437), aged 88

01 Jul 2020

Michael Muschamp was an Entrance Scholar and in Harper House 1945–1948. He died at Torquay near Melbourne on 8 April 2020 aged 88. Both his parents were born in England.

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Jeremy Hall (5119), aged 90

30 Jun 2020

A Naval Lieutenant Commander, Queen’s equerry, and a farmer, Jeremy Hall (5119) who died on 21 October 2019 aged 90, had an accomplished career.

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Andrew Carrington Yates (6479), aged 80

30 Jun 2020

Andrew Carrington Yates was the brother of Warwick Yates (5816) and Scott Yates (6104). From Christchurch, he was in Jacobs House and Condell’s House from 1955-57.

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George Roland Gould (4571), aged 97

15 Mar 2020

George Roland Gould was the second son of Roger Gould (1995) of The Hermitage, Rotherham, North Canterbury.

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James Oswald Norris (5438), aged 88

04 Feb 2020

James Oswald Norris was the son of John Bellamy Norris (2947) and brother of JA Norris (5785) and, after attending Fendalton Primary School and Medbury School, was in Julius House...

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Peter Floyd Sheppard (5150), aged 89

09 Dec 2019

Peter was born in Christchurch on 31 December 1929, the son of Floyd and Beryl Sheppard and brother of Norman Sheppard (5707).

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