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Lizzie Dyer

Staff Lizzie Dyer 3721 SQ2

Lizzie Dyer couldn’t resist the opportunity to work at College when the new Alumni Manager role came up as she has always felt a strong affinity for and has many connections with the school – through family, friends, and as a College parent.

“I’ve always loved College and its environment. I used to drive to St Margaret’s via Rolleston Ave just to take a peek through the gates. I love the whole feel of the place.”

But, people before buildings – and, for Lizzie, life is all about people. She is warm and friendly, relaxed and convivial, a great talker and accomplished hostess, who thrives on making and nurturing connections.

The daughter of a “larger than life” Irish father and Kiwi mother, Lizzie was born in Belfast. The family moved to New Zealand when Lizzie was a child and she grew up – the eldest of three daughters – in Tai Tapu, appreciating the easy balance between country life and proximity to the city.

One of her first jobs was working in travel, through which she says she was lucky to be able to go back and get to know the Irish side of her family, and even more delighted when one of her cousins married her best friend – they met at Lizzie and husband Tim’s wedding – and moved to New Zealand.

Family and friends are the bedrock of Lizzie’s life. She quit the travel industry when she had children, but then started organic baby food business Green Monkey with her sister.

“I became very aware of what my children were, or weren’t, eating. And, like any parent, I wanted to do my absolute best. There wasn’t really any organic baby food around at the time, so we took the chance and entered a very competitive market. It was tough with three young children. Really good, but very busy.”

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