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Leaving a Legacy

The critical responsibility for the generation you are in is to help provide the shoulders, the direction and support for those generations who come behind.

— Gloria Dean Randle Scott

The enduring value of education

There can be no more enduring benefit to an individual than education. That is why Christ’s College was founded and why, no doubt, you are considering making provision for College in your will. Thank you. Christ’s College would simply not exist without such generosity.

bene tradita, bene servada: good traditions, well maintained

You may not want to inform us about your intentions, but you may find it worthwhile to do so. In a confidential, no obligation conversation, we can explore the outcome you would like from your gift and suggest how best that might be achieved. During this conversation we would also discuss ways to recognise you or not depending on your wish, and if so, when this should occur.

For your consideration

If you do decide to include, or add, Christ’s College as a beneficiary in your will, here are some things to consider:

You can specify a specific sum of money, or specific assets (eg: shares or real estate), or specify a percentage of your estate, or a percentage of the residue of your estate. You can have your legacy named in memory of someone.

Your bequest can be ‘untied’ or ‘tied’. If it is untied, College can use the fund at its discretion. If your bequest is tied, College must use it as directed. Here is some suggested wording:

I give to Christ’s College Canterbury absolutely the sum of $……….. to be used by the College as the governing body of the College shall in its absolute discretion determine.

Option: I express the wish, without imposing any binding trust or obligation on the College, that the governing body of the College use this legacy for (insert preferred purpose). I declare that the receipt of the Bursar of the College or any other employee of the College authorised to give receipts shall be a sufficient discharge to my trustees who shall have no further responsibility as to the application of this legacy.

Family Trusts

If you have assets in a Family Trust, you may give a “Memorandum of Wishes” to your Trustees stipulating that on your death you wish the Trustees to make a gift to Christ’s College. You can describe your gift in a similar way to that set out above for a Will.

The Sewell Society

When you include Christ’s College in your Will, you are invited to become a member of the Sewell Society. The Society was named in recognition of Henry Sewell, whose tireless efforts ensured the school’s initial land and endowment income was secure.

The anonymity of those who do not wish to disclose their intentions or join the Sewell Society will be fully respected.

Bequest Notifications

If you have decided to make a provision for Christ’s College in your Will, or would like more information about bequests, please contact Ric Fletcher, Director of Development.

Telephone: +64 3 364 6851
Mail: Development Office, Christ’s College,
Private Bag 4900,
Christchurch 8140, New Zealand

The information you provide is confidential and not binding in any way should your circumstances change in the future.

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