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Sean Li

Int. Student Sean Li

Year 12 student Sean Li likes the range of subjects offered at College and enjoys having freedom of choice. “It’s all about the timetable in China, but in New Zealand it is up to you to manage your time, choose your activities and the subjects you like.” Sean is most interested in art (design and painting). He wants to follow a creative pathway and is aiming for a career in design.

Sean does athletics in summer and plays soccer in winter. He also enjoys the myriad of activities available through the boarding programme, describing it as a great way to have fun, meet new people and make friends.

12年级的学生Sean很喜欢学校提供的各种各样的科目,而且他很享受可以自己选课的自由。 “在中国,学校里只有安排好的课程表,但在新西兰,你的课程表是由你来管理你的时间,你可以选择自己喜欢的活动和想要学习的科目。”Sean最感兴趣科目的是艺术(设计和绘画)。他想要保持自己的创造性,并想把设计发展为自己的未来职业。


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