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Michael Zang

Int. Student Michael Zhang

Year 11 student Michael Zhang is on a mission to improve his English-language skills. He takes a range of subjects, but particularly enjoys the extra English tuition he receives through College’s dedicated ESOL programme. “There are not many Chinese here, which is good, because it means I’m forced to speak English.”

Michael lives on campus, boarding in Richards House. While there are plenty of House and boarding programme activities available, Michael appreciates having freedom to choose what he wants to do. “I’m happy here. It’s a very nice environment and a good place to study. The campus is beautiful, the House is comfortable, I’ve made some good friends … I like it.”


Michael是个寄宿生,住在Richards House。Michael很开心自己有自由去选择自己想做的事情,因为学校里有很多的课余活动可以选择。“我很高兴可以在这里学校。因为这里有非常好的环境和学习氛围。这里的校园是美丽的,房子是舒适的,我也交了一些很好的朋友。总之,我喜欢这里。“

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