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Michael Zhang

RI13 M.Zhan.R 38778 1669 ID copy

Michael Zhang from Hainan province, China came to College as a Year 10, speaking only simple English.

He leaves at the end of Year 13 fully conversant in the language – and a whole lot more.

“It was a good experience to come to Christ’s College. It has given me a different way of thinking, and it has helped me to be able to think deeply about many different things.”

At first he found things challenging, but an older international student in Richards House helped him adjust to the many changes.

“There were a lot of adjustments to make. I found myself in a high tech school with every student having a laptop and that was different from what I was used to.  But it wasn’t so unusual living in a boarding house because I did so in China, too. And there were lots of boys from China in the House.”

The historical buildings on the campus impressed him from the outset and he found the teachers and staff very friendly.

Michael played badminton for College and took up tennis, a new sport for him. He will study political science in London next year and on graduation intends to return to live in China.

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