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Mars Yang

Int. Student Mars Yang

Year 12 student Mars Yang did a lot of research before starting College. “I wanted to leave China because of high pressure. The New Zealand education system is way more flexible and when I found out about Christ’s College, I knew it was right for me. It’s the best school.”

Mars enjoys swimming and basketball, and is aiming to play basketball for College. He also plays piano “just for fun”, has settled well in School House, and says he has had no problem adapting to a boarding school diet, as he loves Western food. Although Mars had little previous experience with computers, his favourite subject is computer technology.

While he found it okay leaving home, Mars likes to regularly call his parents simply “to talk about stuff.”


Mars喜欢游泳和篮球,他的目标是可以为中学篮球队效力。同时,他也 “只是为了好玩”的学习了弹钢琴。他很适应自己在School House的生活,并且他觉得自己也很适应学校的饮食,因为他很喜欢西餐。尽管Mars以前只学过一点点的电脑使用,但是他最喜欢的科目是计算机技术。


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