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Homare Nakajima

SC13 H.Naka.S 38064 1750 ID copy

From Tokyo, Japan, Homare has no regrets about his four years at Christ’s College.

A large part of the 18-year-old’s schooling has been acquired in New Zealand and the experience in the College community has been just the best, he says.

“I like the fact that it is pretty small, and the one big thing it has is its traditions and history.  It’s more of a community than just a school.

“College has given me such a lot of opportunities apart from academic ones.  For example, to do service - I’ve done street collections and things like that, and lots of service activities within School House.  I really liked the House competitions, the sport, drama and singing contests, I think they’re a great experience for everyone to have.

“I loved the singing and the haka, and the process beforehand – that was great.”

Homare has made some good friends at College and says while living with other people in a boarding House can be challenging sometimes, it is also rewarding.

He played in the 1st XI football team for a bit, and was in a College tennis team.  He enjoyed studying English – he speaks it perfectly – Statistics, History, Economics and Japanese, in particular.

The food in the Dining Hall was to his liking, especially the steak.

“And I love fish and chips, we don’t get those in Japan!”

Homare is off to Australia next year to study for a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

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