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Futian Zhou

Int. Student Futian Zhou

Year 10 student Futian Zhou says he feels at home at Christ’s College. “I came to College because it’s such a well-known school. It’s getting better all the time.”

He is enthusiastic about the “active learning” style expected at the school. “In China, it’s learning by rote. Here, the teacher guides you, but you need to find the answer.” He particularly likes creative subjects, such as design and visual communication.

Futian plays tennis in summer and table tennis in winter. He enjoys the well-planned boarding routine in Richards House, with its many activities but also plenty of spare time – and is thankful for the “kind and helpful” House staff.



在夏天,Futian喜欢打网球,而在冬天他喜欢乒乓球。他很喜欢Richards House里计划周详的各种寄宿活动时间表,因为这不仅让他在周末可以有很多的活动可以参加,同时也确保他有自己的业余时间来做自己喜欢的事情。同时,Futian也很感谢对他悉心照顾的Richards House里的工作人员们。

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