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Sam Averill 2020 Head of Boarding

Boarding is a central part of Christ’s College life – and I feel privileged to be Head of Boarding for 2020.

From the North Island, I started boarding at College in 2018 as a Year 11 student. I am a keen sportsman, playing both cricket and football, but also enjoy the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of other sporting and cultural activities.    

What first struck me about College boarding is the positive and exciting atmosphere and feeling of brotherhood across the three boarding Houses. This atmosphere helps to minimise the void some feel as they move away from home, creating a supportive and homely environment that reflects that clichéd "home away from home". I believe nothing could be more true of College boarding.

This is not forced, but comes naturally from the close relationships forged among House staff, tutors and the boys themselves. Events such as a House barbecue, a game of backyard cricket, the Boarding Programme, performing the House Music or House Play and House sports teams not only create long lasting memories, but also develop a brotherhood between mates that will remain for life. 

Boarding life is not without its challenges however – living with 60 other boys makes sure of that. Through boarding the boys learn to develop relationships and resolve conflicts with all different types of people. This is paramount in building character and becoming the person you wish to be when your time at College is up. Boarding relationships are not restricted by age or interests, but evolve from the experiences shared from the wide range of activities within each boarding House.

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What first struck me about College boarding is the positive and exciting atmosphere and feeling of brotherhood across the three boarding Houses.

Sam Averill
Head of Boarding 2020

All boys have a part to play in boarding life, which includes participating in the House routine, where everyone has jobs to do. Responsibilities and privileges increase as boys get older, which is motivating for younger students and rewarding for older boys. Boarding staff are always there to offer both pastoral care and academic support, and their help makes juggling the business of College life a whole lot easier. 

Boarding has traditionally been and remains at the heart of College life, as reflected in the extensive contributions boarders make to all areas of College life, whether in arts and culture, sport, academia or service projects. Boarders have the advantage of constantly having all of College’s amazing facilities at their fingertips. Therefore, boarders are not limited by the hours in a school day to undertake the various challenges and opportunities College has to offer. This not only benefits the boys within their chosen activities, but also encourages a further pride in the boarding Houses and College community as a whole.

As we head into another exciting year at College in 2020, I hope to continue to see the positive interaction between the three boarding Houses, while also maintaining a strong individual House culture and social environment within each House. I am looking forward to working with the Heads of Houses Jarrad Hill (Flower’s), George Simpson (Richards) and Guy Chaffey (School) as well as with the great group of Year 13s, as we strive to leave our legacy on boarding and round off our College journey in the best possible way.

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