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The Learning Centre & Advanced Learning

Boys with a wide range of abilities are welcome at College. There is consistent emphasis on ambition and achievement at all levels and our student outcomes are amongst the best in New Zealand.

We nurture the ambitions of some of the brightest scholars in the land, whilst taking equal pleasure in the outstanding progress made by those who benefit from our Learning Centre. The boys respect each other’s commitment, whether within or outside the classroom. Our diversity is a key to our success.

We know there are many different reasons why some boys experience difficulty with learning and require extra help. The Learning Centre provides a safe learning environment where, by means of a personalised learning programme, every boy who needs support is given the opportunity to achieve at his best.

The Learning Centre provides:

  • A team of highly qualified passionate teachers who have specialised skills in development
  • Literacy and learning support for students at all year levels
  • Numeracy support for students at all year levels
  • Tailored programmes to meet the individual needs of students
  • Individual and small group learning
  • ESL tuition

The Learning Centre develops individual learning profiles for all its students, and shares this information with classroom teachers to ensure ongoing success.

When a family joins College, our approach is to meet and discuss specific learning requirements. This allows us to provide a personalised learning programme, so each boy is able to achieve at his best.

Advanced Learning

Christ's College achieves leading academic results when compared with schools across New Zealand. Our tailored programmes enable us to offer enrichment programmes for identified students. Enrichment opportunities are led by specialist teachers and include creative writing courses, access to university presentations, linguistics, Brain Bee, classical literature, robotics and programming. We provide extra teaching assistance for academic scholarship programmes, and each department ensures extension opportunities are available. Academic mentoring supports the boys to achieve their goals.

Some of our recent successes include:

  • New Zealand representatives in the International Brain Bee competition
  • New Zealand delegates for the International Model United Nations forum
  • Outstanding grades in university courses
  • Over 81% of Year 11, 47% of Year 12 and 89% of Year 13 students passed NCEA with Merit or Excellence endorsements in 2018
  • 42 NZQA Scholarships awarded in 2018
  • 11 Outstanding Scholarships awarded in 2018
  • Three Top Subject Scholars in New Zealand in 2018 – for English, Chemistry, Economics

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