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Academic Programme

About our Academic Programme

Academic progress is the primary objective of a Christ’s College education. Students are encouraged to pursue a range of activities in order to develop as well-rounded individuals, but our main aim is to create a strong foundation from which each boy can realise his full academic potential. All strengths will be recognised, but the boys must not lose sight of the fact that learning should be their primary goal.


The range of subjects we offer gives our students the best possible academic opportunities, encompassing the latest curriculum developments and best teaching pedagogy, while maintaining the firm traditional aim of academic excellence. The Curriculum Studies Guide outlines the compulsory and optional subjects available at all year levels and provides information about what each subject entails.

In Year 9, all boys study a diverse range of compulsory and core subjects, plus either French or Japanese. In Year 10, all boys continue to progress in the core subjects, plus choose two of the optional subjects available. All students are required to continue with both English and mathematics in Year 11, and English in Year 12. Most boys take a total of six subjects in Years 11 and 12. In Year 11, a student can choose four out of his six subjects and, in Year 12, he can choose five of his subjects. In Year 13 there are no compulsory subjects and a student may choose five subjects from the list, leaving five periods each week available for private study.

The range of courses available is regularly reviewed by the Curriculum Committee and College welcomes feedback and suggestions from parents and students. Any advice or information regarding subject choices should be addressed in the first instance to your son’s Housemaster, who may then refer him to the Assistant Principal – Curriculum.

Assistant Principal – Curriculum: Ms Nicole Billante

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