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Year 10 Immerse & Inspire Programme

Programme Overview

  • One week involved in Lab5 with the Ministry of Awesome
  • One week involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary adventurous journey
  • Two weeks normal schooling
  • Evening sessions on gratitude, empathy, study skills, careers
  • Community service component
  • Four weeks of being immersed with other boys and inspired by a wide range of activities


  • Guides boys to a better understanding of themselves and their unique strengths and character at a pivotal time in their personal development
  • In a meaningful way, introduces concepts of character and leadership as they relate to the College experience and to life
  • Creates a service learning experience focused on teamwork and community need, where boys will learn the power of giving
  • Introduces a unique learning experience focused on social entrepreneurship, led by Christchurch's Ministry of Awesome
  • Allows all boys to experience the fun of boarding and learning to live with others as a key part of their College experience
  • Encourages boys to form friendships across College and between Houses 

All Year 10 boys will take part in the Ministry of Awesome's Awesomely Unreasonable Lab. This week-long experience, which focuses on global challenges and seeks to develop an understanding of social entrepreneurship, will be a fun and inspiring way for the boys to start thinking about future pathways.

Another Immerse & Inspire initiative, is that all Year 10 boys experience life as a boarder for one month. Dayboys and boarders from across different Houses will come together in Jacobs House and participate in a number of special programmes delivered through the Centre for Character & Leadership.

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