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Centre for Character & Leadership

Our mission of Each boy at his best, aligned with core Christian values of honesty, respect and compassion, encapsulate our guiding principles.

Another aspect of education, however, is understanding how character impacts on our capacity to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. The Centre for Character & Leadership enhances our academic programme and provides opportunities for students and staff alike to strive for excellence in everything they do. By promoting good character and developing leadership programmes across all aspects of College life, we prepare our students to take their place in and make a positive difference to their community.

Darrell Thatcher is the Director of Boarding and the Centre for Character & Leadership. He has developed a school-wide character and leadership programme for both dayboys and boarders, which will expand and build on present activities. 

Throughout 2018, Year 10 students will participate in the innovative Immerse & Inspire programme.

The immerse & inspire programme :

  • Guides boys to a better understanding of themselves and their unique strengths and character at a pivotal time in their personal development
  • In a meaningful way, introduces concepts of character and leadership as they relate to the College experience and to life
  • Creates a service learning experience focused on teamwork and community need, where boys will learn the power of giving
  • Introduces a unique learning experience focused on social entrepreneurship, led by Christchurch's Ministry of Awesome
  • Allows all boys to experience the fun of boarding and learning to live with others as a key part of their College experience
  • Encourages boys to form friendships across College and between Houses 

In 2018, all Year 10 boys will take part in the Ministry of Awesome's Awesomely Unreasonable Lab. This week-long experience, which focuses on global challenges and seeks to develop an understanding of social entrepreneurship, will be a fun and inspiring way for the boys to start thinking about future pathways.

Another Immerse & Inspire initiative, is that all Year 10 boys experience life as a boarder for one month. Dayboys and boarders from across different Houses will come together in Jacobs House and participate in a number of special programmes delivered through the Centre for Character & Leadership.


For students in Years 12–13, covering:

  • Masculinity
  • Character strengths
  • The cyber world
  • Consent, respect and responsibilities with females
  • Mental and physical health

Aim of MANifesto:

  • To educate our young men to ensure they are making good choices
  • To create a conversation (amongst peers and with parents)

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