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Debating has a strong tradition at College, with students having a number of opportunities to hone their skills. Junior and senior interhouse competitions are held each year, with teams organised by senior students in each House. Interested students can also apply to be selected for interschool competitions and to take part in school exchanges.

Teacher-in-Charge: Ms Chloe Harland


The ski club organises regular trips to Mt Hutt on Sundays during the season. Students are required to keep a credit balance in their club account to cover the cost of these trips. Interschool skiing competitions are held in Term 3.

Teacher-in-Charge: Ms Eloise Nevin 


Chess is offered as a Saturday activity during Terms 2 and 3, and boys compete for the House Cup in Term 3. Students also have the opportunity to play in the interschool chess competition during winter months. In recent years, College has enjoyed success at the National Press Competition. All boys, at any level, are welcome.

Teacher-in-Charge: Ms Gill Kilpatrick

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