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Assembly Notes - 19 September

19 Sep 2017


Head Prefect asks the school to stand. Greets the school. Asks for silence as he says a prayer. He then announces the national anthem. Sing. He then asks the school to sit.

Musical Item

‘Pillow Dance’ by Bela Bartok, performed Justin Hodges and Raphael Rim


Vincent Li – Art and mental wellbeing workshop

I think everyone here is excited to get term 3 over and done with. It's been an incredibly stressful and hectic term, with all of us not only cramming the internals and assessments, but also the mock exams, getting the results back for those internals, and for some of us away at events like the big sing or tournament week.

Now all of us have dealt with this stress in different ways. The sensible ones of us release it through things like sport and being active, while others of us decide to start binging on tv series and consequently falling further into that pit of procrastination. Then, there is those of us who deal with stress like this: we don't. I am one of those people. For the past few weeks, I've been working on my three art portfolios. and I'll give all of you this advice for free: don't leave your portfolios to the last minute like I did – it's not a good time. All that anxiety and pressure has been building up, and I can say that the result of it is certifiably miserable. I am really looking forward to the holidays. Not only to sleep for 12 hours a day, but also, because of the art and mental well-being workshop. Yes, you've just been spending a whole minute and half listening to the setup of an ad. But please, stay with me here.

During this term, on top of the portfolios, Jono Raymond, three students from a few other schools and I have been planning an art well-being workshop. The goal for this workshop is to help improve your mental well-being through art and creativity, including ways to manage stress and expectations before the exams. So, I'll be lying if I said that we made this solely for the benefit of the high school community – I'll be learning just as much on the day as all of you.

It's on Sunday, October the 8th, the weekend of the SECOND week of the holidays, and it'll be right here at Christ's College. Keep an eye out in your emails because I'll be sending out a google form to all of you. It will help provide more details on the workshop, and it will only take a minute or two at most. My team and I are all really excited about this project and I think it will be a fantastic afternoon for any of you who can make it.

Vincent Kenworthy – Synod Report

The Synod of the Diocese of Christchurch is a meeting in which more than two hundred representatives from Anglican parishes, schools and other groups in Canterbury and the West Coast debate policy relating to the governance of the Anglican church. Centuries ago, the separation of church and state was, and still is, regarded as a step forward in terms of creating a fair and balanced government. However, this is not to say that the Anglican church no longer wields considerable influence in New Zealand, and recently, this influence was exerted when the Synod debated and voted on the future of the Christchurch Cathedral. More than sixty people weighed in on the issue, including our youth representative Wills Wynn Thomas. The cathedral wasn’t the only discussion - there were also debates on euthanasia and other topical issues.

I lack the time to go over the details of each option, but Option A was to reinstate the cathedral, with earthquake strengthening measures. Option B was to reject the government offer, tear down the remains of the old cathedral, and design and build a new one. This would involve a lengthy legal process, and we don’t actually know what Option B would look like. Option C was to reject the government offer and give the cathedral to the government. Synod passed Option A with a clear majority, that is, 54.9%. Synod then confirmed this decision with only one person refusing to accept the choice.

I would be remiss if I did not commend Wills Wynn Thomas for bringing a confident and reasoned argument to Synod. Wills refuted Options B and C because neither of them are fiscally tenable and many of the arguments made in favour of them were wrong, and he endorsed Option A, probably swinging a few undecided voters.

Many of you may believe that Synod made the wrong decision, and if you feel aggrieved, I would be happy to go over my thought process when deciding to vote A, and I’m sure the Chaplain would too.

Jacob Banks – Arts and Culture Report

Rehearsals for the combined Rangi Ruru/Christ’s College junior production of High School Musical continue at Rangi Ruru. Thirteen Year 9 boys are growing their “triple threat” acting/singing/dancing skills, with Jamie Barr, Nathan Orchard and Hamish McCulloch in the lead roles of Troy, Ryan and Chad.

The Sunday before last saw the Senior Theatresports Squad playing four other schools in the Court Theatre Competition. Our team played hard, challenging the other teams competitively, to be placed third. Thanks to Ms Bleyendaal for her commitment to coaching and mentoring the team.

Last Thursday there was a big crowd at the first night of the REACTION House Plays Festival. 80 boys performed five plays under the direction of Raiyan Azlan, Charlie Horncastle, Hugo Beale, Sam Mackay and Alistair King. It was a great night out and lots of adrenalin and nervous energy was shared with the audience.  There are five more plays in the second night of House plays, starting at 6.30pm tonight!

Last Friday, all 43 lots sold at the ever popular Christ’s College Art Auction. BDL was on fire, the bidding was hot and excellent prices were attained. The 43 paintings and photographs were of a consistently high quality and all the artists were happy with the support and their earnings.

On Saturday night, our RockQuest National finalist band, Run 77, was guest band at the College Ball on the Quad.  Run 77 have had a stellar term and can now look forward to a bit of down time before the new term begins.

During this week, the Year 10 and Year 13 German classes are creating short films for the Oskars German Films Awards and senior media studies students are in the final shooting of their entries in the Christ’s College Film Festival.  And … we have just found out that Simon Brown will be travelling to Melbourne next term to represent College at the Australasian Film Festival where College’s “A Perfect Child” movie has been chosen as one of four finalists in the Secondary Schools section.

Tonight, as well as holding our second night of House plays, our orchestra is playing at the Christchurch Schools’ Orchestra Festival at St Margaret’s Auditorium.

Tomorrow 36 boys from the senior drama classes are going to the Court Theatre to see Hudson and Halls Live! This highly acclaimed stage show was written by College Old Boy Kip Chapman. Kip is very prominent in New Zealand Arts scene and is currently directing the World of Wearable Arts pageant in Wellington.

Also tomorrow, 35 members of the Chapel Choir begin a fantastic European Choir Tour. They will be away for 23 days, visiting Germany, Czech Republic and Austria; singing 18 different concerts and services including working with the Vienna Boys’ Choir and gigs in the Cologne Cathedral and the magnificent Prague Castle.

Finally: today we are confirming our worst kept secret and announcing that our senior musical production will be performed in Week 3 of Term 2, next year, here in this hall, with Rangi Ruru.  The 2018 major production will be the spectacular musical WEST SIDE STORY.  Auditions for Year 10, Year 11, and Year 12, boys will be held early next term and dance classes and pre-training rehearsals will start before the end of this year.  All audition information for West Side Story will be posted on the College Intranet in the last week of the holidays.

The Changeover Movie trailer – directed by Old Boy Stuart McKenzie


Winter Sport Colours

Sam Cameron-Dunn, Will McLuskie, Kevin Guttman, and Finbar Gallaway

Isaiah Punivai, Nic Murray, Kurtis Weeks, Sam Abbott, Sam Darry, Patrick Thacker, Tim Goodman, Kaveni Balenacagi and Ben Dickie

Lewey Heale, Lewey Beckert, Henry Phelps, Ben Epton, Alaistair Keleghan, Will Duston, Lars Dalley and Nic Lidstone

Dion Houston

Jono Stewart, Sean Swanson

Jack Noble-Adams

South Island Secondary School Ski Champs
The College Ski Team competed at the South Island Secondary School Ski Champs held at Cardrona.  
Team members – Cameron Nicolson, Ollie Moginie, Kit Lamb, Nick Houghton, Edward Davidson, Gus Orr

Event: Giant Slalom (GS) - Boys Skiing

1st Place Teams Event
Cameron Nicolson, Ollie Moginie, Kit Lamb,
Nick Houghton
(Note: Only 4 medals awarded for Teams event - Edward Davidson and
Gus Orr were additional 5th and 6th team members)

3rd Place Individual Rankings
Cameron Nicolson

Event: Gravity Cross (GX) - Boys Skiing

1st Place Individual Rankings
Cameron Nicolson

Honours Ties

Drama Technologies
Brent Criglington, Henry Seaton, Toby Brooker-Haines and Thomas Walker

Drama Acting
Liam Sullivan, Wilson Murray, Charlie Horncastle and Robert Rolleston, Finn Sziranyi, Hugo Beale, Simon Brown and Angus Wheelans

Executive Principal concluding comments

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