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Assembly Notes – 15 February

15 Feb 2018


Head Prefect asks the school to stand. Greets the school. Asks for silence as he says a prayer.

Sports Awards

NZSS Athletics Championships
Sam King
Cody House

School Swimming Trophies
Harry Greenwood – Under 14
James Currie – Junior
Nathan Penrose – Intermediate
Hunter Wilson – Senior

House Swimming Trophies
Corfe/Somes – Medley Cup

Somes – Sprint Relay Cup

Somes – Overall House Cup

Academic Awards

Gold Badges (Year 11, 2017)
Jordy Annand
Ollie Brakenridge
Gus Coates
Tom Davidson
Zach Gallagher
Finley Smith
Joshua Stevenson
Matthew Todd
Tommy Whitaker

Gold Badge & Gold Ties (Year 11, 2017)
Finn Brokenshire
Max Heywood
Nicholas Lidstone
Nathan Penrose
Max Surveyor

Gold Badge (Year 12, 2017)
Andreas Nicolaou
Thomas Stewardson
Junie Wee

Gold Buttons – Re-awards (Year 12, 2017)
Toby Brooker-Haines
Sam Howard
Cameron Jones
Frank Kim
Jisu Kim
George Murray
Joshua Murison
Josh Ting
Thomas Walker

Gold Tie and Gold Buttons (Year 12, 2017)
Alex Hlavac
Han-Young Kim
Jayavi Premaratne
Fawzan Sugarwala
Wills Wynn Thomas

Scholarship 2017
Fawzan Sugarwala
Seungmin Seok
Wills Wynn Thomas

Executive Principal concluding comments

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