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Assembly Notes - 10 September

10 Sep 2019


Head Prefect asks the school to stand. Greets the school. Asks for silence as he says a prayer

Activity Report

Deferred to next week’s Winter Sports Colours assembly


Oli Aikawa speaking about the Year 10 Market Day on September 13
Reaction House Plays summary [Mr Chambers/Ms Peers]

Musical Item

Members of the College’s Chamber Orchestra, led by Mr Coxon, will now play for us a piece called “peasant’s Song and Spring Dance” by Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg.


Bridge Building Innovation Award
[Ms Squires - Mr Wynne to present $500 cardboard cheque]

Cultural Honours Ties

Drama Technologies
Ben Davies, Yngve Jordan and Jim Gibbs

Nic Turnbull, Tom Vincent, Tom Davidson, Joshua Mortensen, Caleb Tod, Zac Matson, Louis Gunn, Ben Pownall, Edward Bayliss, Logan Quigley, Dominic Edmond and Jamie Yee

Choral Music
Tom Kelly, Nic Lidstone, Logan Quigley and Matthew Todd

Contemporary Music
Angus Murray, Zac Matson and Oliver Beresford

Instrumental Music
Tom Kelly, Nic Lidstone, Matthew Todd, Jack Glass, Christopher Ireland and Chris Lee

Duke of Edinburgh Awards
Bronze - Rheon Salt, Christian Higgins, Jack Lindo and Angus Murray
Silver - Connor Graham and Kynan Salt

Maori Language Week - Dr Mike Field

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