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Virtues & Policies

Christ’s College is an Anglican School committed to and striving to instil Christian virtues.

As a community of parents, staff and students, we are committed to fostering the development of character through nurturing seven core virtues. These virtues underpin our approach to all aspects of College life, including pastoral care and discipline. 


includes truthfulness


means striving to become an independent, lifelong learner, and recognition of others’ right to learn


means respect of self (integrity, humility and dignity, tidy appearance), for others (tolerance, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, fair play, good manners), and their property, and for the school (reputation and property)


means an appreciation that in seeking a fullness of life we need to look beyond our material needs and wants


means acceptance of people different from ourselves, including those of different race and culture, and fairness in all our dealings with them


means generosity towards those less fortunate than ourselves


means recognition of the good we have received from the past so that it may be preserved or enhanced


Christ’s College School Rules Condensed

Rules at College are based on our school’s core virtues. 

The full school rules have been condensed to these main points, for easy reference. However, all boys are expected to know the full school rules.

  1. Relationships at College should be positive and respectful. Consequently, discriminatory actions and language are unacceptable, along with bullying and harassment
  2. The Chapel is a special place in College and behaviour in the Chapel must at all times be appropriate. There is to be no talking in Chapel
  3. The Quadrangle is a formal area.  Consequently, the following are prohibited: walking on the grass, eating, shouting, ball games, skateboarding, cycling and the absence of footwear or shirts
  4. When in uniform, boys must behave in a way which upholds the school’s good name
  5. Boys must wear the correct uniform at all times. They must be clean shaven and their hair and personal appearance must always be neat
  6. Boys may not have their hands in their pockets
  7. When in uniform, boys must wear blazers or full dress uniform outside the College campus and they must not eat on the street
  8. Boys may not walk around the campus listening to music on portable devices
  9. Cell phones must be on silent in class, Chapel, Assembly and Dining Hall
  10. Boys must communicate with staff directly in order to excuse themselves from classes, sport and activities

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