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Head Prefect’s Welcome

Welcome to College. 2021 is upon us and another exciting year at College awaits.

With a unique House system, the pastoral care at College is second-to-none. The House not only provides for each boy in the physical sense, with lockers, common rooms and kitchen appliances, but also has a Housemaster to support you. A lot of time outside class is spent in the House, so it will become like your second home and a place where life-long friendships are formed. Additionally, the Houses provide a platform for a variety of good-natured competitions such as music, debating, plays, hockey, football, chess, just to name a few. Undoubtedly, interhouse competitions will give everyone the chance to try something new, and I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to seize these opportunities, and whatever others come your way at College.

Academic work is central to an education at College and is catered to suit everyone’s ability and aspirations. The quality of the teachers and facilities, the small class sizes and a culture of excellence, allow all boys to flourish, which is reflected in the students’ results.

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I encourage you all to make the most of the opportunities you are offered, to try something new and to chase your passions – but ultimately have fun.

Jack Belcher
Head Prefect 2021

Sport is something everyone participates in at College, providing the chance to learn valuable life lessons. Through sport I have learned to manage my time, to be patient, and to understand that effort and consistency always pays off. With great facilities, coaches and support networks, many have achieved excellence on the sports field, either individually or as a team. Arts and culture is also a fundamental part of College with something for everyone –  drama and music classes, junior and senior drama productions, theatresports, chamber groups, orchestra, jazz bands, rock bands and choirs. Led by experienced teachers, there is a great balance between enjoyment and each boy reaching his potential.

While academic, sporting and cultural endeavours are so significant in each boy’s College experience, they are secondary to his development into a man of good character. Courage and resilience, compassion and empathy are among the attributes that the school believes allow College graduates to flourish. This philosophy is shared by all staff and sports coaches, and programmes such as MANifesto, MINDfit and Immerse & Inspire for Year 10 students make these attributes a reality. As an Anglican school, the Rev. Bosco Peters highlights the connection between these values and the Christian message, and teaches us how to apply them in our own lives regardless of our beliefs. Rev. Peters also gives an insight into other religions and ethics, ultimately encouraging us to keep an open mind. College is continually embracing the bicultural nature of New Zealand and Māori culture and traditions have become firmly established in the school.

Mental health and wellbeing is a key focus of the pastoral care in the Houses, as it is for the two College counsellors and the dedicated Wellbeing Committee. This ensures each boy  lives a healthy, balanced life while at College, so that he can learn to the best of his ability.

Your time at College will fly by. I encourage you all to make the most of the opportunities you are offered, to try something new and to chase your passions – but ultimately have fun.

Jack Belcher
Head Prefect 2021

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