Head Prefect Welcome

Head Prefect's Welcome 

Welcome to Christ's College.

Many aspects contribute to making exceptional schools like College, but I believe College’s biggest attribute is its people. College is full of vibrant personalities and this creates a community in which everyone is willing to help others, whilst simultaneously striving to achieve their goals and improve themselves in all facets of life. I believe this positive school atmosphere is what separates College from other schools and is achieved through the strong tradition of instilling good values in the boys. These values allow them to grow and develop the attributes of character that will enable them to form strong friendships and have bright futures.

College is special. Not only does it pride itself on achieving high academic and sporting results at national level; the school also has polished drama productions, school musicals and arts activities. It allows each boy to achieve the very best with his own academic potential.

College’s motto of Bene tradita, bene servada, or Good traditions, well maintained, is now more relevant than ever in these changing times. Our school faces the challenge of sustaining its traditional level of prestigious education whilst ensuring it remains relevant for the future. In responding to this challenge, the school has undertaken initiatives such as joining Round Square. This is a network that contains schools from over 40 different countries, enabling students to receive a global education. Boys will now be able to reap the benefits of the international exchanges, service projects and conferences that will be offered as part of the Round Square initiative. Decisions like these emphasise College’s effort to continuously improve its educational opportunities and advance with the changing times, whilst maintaining its rich 166-year heritage and the traditions of the school.

Round Square is just one example of College presenting the boys with a wide variety of opportunities. The many opportunities offered include the unique House system, multiple sports, academia, drama, arts and cultural exchanges. With such broad opportunities, it is the boys who decide to immerse themselves in them who reap the rewards.

One of College’s biggest assets is the teaching staff who offer on-going help and support to all boys. College’s teachers go above and beyond to help the boys achieve their goals at school, whether it be inside or outside the classroom. The teachers’ willingness to help boys after school hours or during lunch times is admirable. They offer so much of their time to help boys of all levels, students who may be struggling to keep pace with the curriculum or those who are excelling, but are looking to further extend their knowledge to gain top marks or scholarships.  

College is a school surrounded with excellence. Everything is at the boys’ fingertips to help them all to succeed and be at their best. 

Ben Marshall-Lee, Head Prefect 2017