Meet our Boarders

Despite being far from his home in Singapore, Flower’s House boy Finn Hamilton says he hasn’t got time to be homesick.

Born in London, Finn has lived in Christchurch and India, where he went to both Canadian and Australian International schools.

His parents decided to send Finn to College which initially made him nervous as he had not seen the school and was not sure what it would be like. However once the decision was made, he was pleased to come to Christchurch where he has grandparents, a sister at Rangi Ruru and cousins in Flower’s. He also speaks to his parents at least three times a week using Facetime.

“You don’t have time to be homesick,’’ Finn says. “They keep you busy and there are so many activities. The older guys in the House are there for you. Also because Flower’s is outside the school, it’s more like living in a home and there is a good family atmosphere. There’s always someone to talk to - Matron, the Housemaster, tutors or other boys.’’