Meet our Boarders

Time seemed to go really slowly when Ko Miura first arrived at Christ’s College as a boarder, but now he is fully involved in the life of his House, it just speeds by.

Ko came to New Zealand from Japan when he was three and settled in Methven. He began at Mount Hutt College, but decided he would like to try the boarding life at College. He said his family wanted him to get a good education and he looked forward to living with a group of new people in a new environment where he could learn to be more independent.

“I was really nervous and worried because everything seemed so new and I didn’t know anyone when I arrived,’’ he says. “At the entrance exam, everybody seemed to know each other because they had come from the same schools.’’

“The first five weeks went really slowly as I got to know how everything worked. But then I got to know everyone and became part of such a great year group. I like living with a group of friends and hanging out with them in our spare time.

Not that they have much spare time, Ko says.

“There is so much to do for a boarder. After school, it’s sport, dinner, roll call, then an hour and a half of prep. I do appreciate having prep time as it makes you do your study and there are teachers or tutors around to help if you are unsure.’’

“I definitely feel the friends I’ve made here, I will keep for life,’’ says Ko. “You may not be in touch with them all the time, but you will know they are there and will be the same when you do get in contact with them.

Ko says Matron Karen Adams does a great job in helping and looking after the boys. “She understands and accepts different views and really listens when you go and talk to her.’’