Meet our Boarders

Jack Hayman has been boarding since he was 11 and really loves the life.

Coming from a farm south of Timaru, he went first to Waihi, then came to College in Year 9, boarding in Richards House where his father had been.

As a keen sportsman, Jack relishes the many opportunities to keep active and busy that being a boarder brings and sometimes feels there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything he wants to.

“It’s great to always have someone around to play touch with, to go down to the gym with and to have all the facilities available to us in the evenings. I don’t end up having much free time in the day and hardly ever watch television because there is so much else to do.“

“The best thing about boarding is the culture of the Houses. I really like our Housemaster, Mr Sellars, we have a great Head of House and a great group to hang out with. We also mix with boys from the other Houses in the evenings.’’

Jack is involved in weekend sport so doesn’t go home much especially in the winter term when he plays rugby. However his parents come up four or five times a term, so Jack feels he’s got the best of both worlds – friends and family.