Meet our Boarders

Nic hails from Blenheim and, like many of the College boarders, really enjoys the boarding life.

“It actually helps you to be quite disciplined in your study because you have compulsory prep for an hour or more, which stops you being distracted by other things which can happen at home,’’ he says. “I like to keep on top of the work in my courses so if I finish the prep, I have time to revise. Boarding means it’s also so easy to get to class in the morning, you can duck in and get things if you forget them and you’re close to home after sport.’’

Since year 9, Nic has roomed with almost all of his year group in the House as the boys rotate about twice a year most years. This year, with four cubes in each room, this means that they mix with most of the group.

There are also plenty of people boys can go to chat with if they have an issue or need help. “There’s Karen, the Matron, Housemaster Mr Levenger who spends a lot of time going around talking to the boys, accompanied by his young daughter Mollie and dog Murphy, the deputy and assistant Housemasters and the tutors. There really is a great sense of family.”

Nic says some boys are homesick for the first few days, but when other boys realise this, they try to help out, talk to them and include them in activities. “My way of helping is to include them heaps and to try to make them laugh,’’ he says.

Sport and study take up a lot of Nic’s time, but on a non-sport day or during the weekend there is always time to hang out with the others. “Sometimes we wander down to South City and buy some food, or we can stay in the House, watch some TV or play table tennis or pool – anything to just chill out for a while. Then it’s prep and more free time before bed and lights out. Sometimes before 9pm, we go eeling down at the Avon River, though we release the ones we catch. It’s more for fun.’’

Nic is sure that the friends he has made, that he spends so much of his time with, will last for life. “We have got to know each other so well and learned to accept and tolerate each others habits. You have to work things out when you live in a boarding house.’’