Meet our Boarders

Finn Hamilton, Year 10 (Flower's)

Despite being far from his home in Singapore, Flower’s House boy Finn Hamilton says he hasn’t got time to be homesick.

Born in London, Finn has lived in Christchurch and India, where he went to both Canadian and Australian International schools.

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Ben Aitken, Year 12 (Flower's)

When Ben Aitken’s parents decided he would follow his father and two older brothers to come down from Hawkes Bay to attend College in Christchurch, Ben had mixed feelings.

“At first I didn’t want to come as I thought I wouldn’t know anyone,’’ he says. “However, my older brother was in Year 13 and I knew there was one other boy there who had been to the same primary school as me, so I decided to give it a go.’’

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Ko Miura, Year 13 (Flower's)

Time seemed to go really slowly when Ko Miura first arrived at Christ’s College as a boarder, but now he is fully involved in the life of his House, it just speeds by.

Ko came to New Zealand from Japan when he was three and settled in Methven. He began at Mount Hutt College, but decided he would like to try the boarding life at College.

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Jack Hayman, Year 12 (Richards)

Jack Hayman has been boarding since he was 11 and really loves the life.

Coming from a farm south of Timaru, he went first to Waihi, then came to College in Year 9, boarding in Richards House where his father had been.

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Nic Murray, Year 12 (Flower's)

Nic hails from Blenheim and, like many of the College boarders, really enjoys the boarding life.

“It actually helps you to be quite disciplined in your study because you have compulsory prep for an hour or more, which stops you being distracted by other things which can happen at home,’’ he says. “I like to keep on top of the work in my courses so if I finish the prep, I have time to revise. Boarding means it’s also so easy to get to class in the morning, you can duck in and get things if you forget them and you’re close to home after sport.’’

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