From the Executive Principal

Traditions of boarding at Christ’s College go back to the first European settlement of New Zealand, and the founding of the school. In the beginning. long and arduous journeys from the extremities of the country, spartan conditions, slow and unreliable communications, and long periods of isolation from families were the usual experience.

It’s history. Today’s boarding experience could not be more different. Rapid and reliable transport, superb facilities, instant communications, and flexible routines enable our boarders to benefit from everything the College has to offer. Some still travel a long way, but for the right reasons; they want to be a part of one of New Zealand’s most successful and respected schools.

The increasing complexities of family life, demanding work schedules for parents, commuting frustrations are all reasons why increasing numbers of boys living near to the school make this choice. Life at College is full and involving - living at school is just so easy.

Boarding offers so much more. It is not just about convenience or distance. It is about building potentially life-long friendships, getting on with others, being flexible, participating; it is about three great meals a day and never being asked to wash up.

And it’s about special time. Boarding families look forward to being together - they plan, they communicate, they anticipate events and holidays, and coming to school to share the experience.


Garth Wynne
Executive Principal