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Sport is an integral part of a boy's education at Christ's College. Despite its relatively small size, the school is well known across New Zealand for its competitiveness in a broad range of sports, from traditional team sports to more recreation-based activities. Staff work alongside professional coaches to assist teams and individuals.

Every boy is encouraged to participate in sport, summer and winter, at a level commensurate with his ability. Under the guidance of the Director of Sport, coaches and Housemasters make every effort to find a niche for each boy.

In addition to weekly sports, the school has an exciting programme that includes rock and alpine climbing, scuba diving and ropes courses. The teacher in charge of outdoor education also organises annual camps for Year 9 and 10 boys, and an outdoor confidence course for Year 12 boys as part of their leadership training programme.

Physical education is taught at all levels of the school. It gives boys exposure to a wide range of physical activities and skills, and includes health education, life style and recreation related topics. 

Facilities include a 25 metre indoor pool, gymnasium with weight training room, an artificial turf, our famous 'upper' sports ground on the College site, and extensive playing fields in Hagley Park.