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"The Housemaster, Assistant Housemasters and the senior students are what keeps Somes House running efficiently. They are all very approachable, which ensures that all the boys settle into College life and have a rewarding and fantastic time both in Somes House and the wider school."

Ethan Clements
Head of House 2017

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Somes Staff

  • Housemaster

    Craig Aitken

    P (03) 379 2326
    S (03) 364 8644
    M 027 268 9440
    E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Head of House

    Ethan Clements

  • Assistant Housemaster

    Emma Bracken

  • Assistant Housemaster

    Nick Coxon


  • Assistant Housemaster

    Steve Everingham


  • Assistant Housemaster

    Chris Hill

  • Assistant Housemaster

    Ian Stevenson