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"Jacobs house is one of the most welcoming communities at college. We build each other up, and support one another. Our ethos ‘non sibi’ - meaning ‘not for oneself’ is a reflection of the selflessness of every individual in the house. While we do recognise individual excellence, we also know that our strength as a house lies in teamwork. I believe that it is through this sense of comradeship, that everyone in Jacobs will have the right attitude for success."

Josh Meads
Head of House 2017

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Jacobs Staff

  • Housemaster

    Matt Thatcher

    P (03) 364 8628
    M 027 408 7822
    E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Head of House

    Josh Meads

  • Assistant Housemaster

    Nicolette Adams

  • Assistant Housemaster

    William Bell

  • Assistant Housemaster

    Caroline Marsh


  • Assistant Housemaster

    Arthur McGregor

  • Assistant Housemaster

    Robyn Peers