About Flower's House

Welcome from the Head of Flower's House

Flower’s House is one of four boarding houses at Christ’s College. It is the most modern boarding house and we are very fortunate to, arguably, have the newest and the best facilities. Flower’s has its own unique location as it is the only boarding house to be located outside of the school gates. This is a privilege which comes with a bit of responsibility such as making sure the doors are locked at night and being vigilant when crossing the road.

Flower’s is full of boys not just from the Canterbury and the Otago region, but from all over the country and a few from overseas. We currently have boys from Hawkes Bay, Southland and Nelson, China, Japan and Singapore. We traditionally have many great athletes in the House with recent members of Flower's representing New Zealand in rugby and polo.

In Flower’s we strive to be the best that we can be, with values such as integrity, respect, reliability and trust playing a major role in the way that we think and behave. We have an excellent team of hard-working staff who help encourage the boys to exceed their own expectations in a brotherly environment, equipping us with the essential tools to become confident young men. I look forward to welcoming you to the House in 2016.

Nicholas Kittelty
Head of House 2016